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Wind Power Farm

Wind Power Generation

This is a time the whole world is looking for renewable energy sources with safe,clean and economical aspect. The recent developments in the Wind Power Technology has made it as a popular alternative to the other power generating sources, specially the fossil fuel used power generation. Wind is produced due to the heating of the atmosphere by solar power.

The commercially viable Wind turbines were used from the late 1980s and today, countries with areas of Wind velocities suitable for wind power generation has started constructing 'Wind Farms' , which consists of many Wind Power Generating Turbines installed in a site.

Countries with coastal areas, hill topped areas, deserts, and vast flat lands having suitable conditions of wind velocities, between 5-25 m/s, during major part of the year , will be going in a big way to tap this alternative power source, with does not cost anything other than the capital investment and the maintenance of the equipment used compared to some other energy sources. Many Wind Farms are being erected in coastal areas of India and Sri Lanka.

This page is to bring forward some facts on How the Wind Power is Generated.

Positive Factors for Wind Energy generation

Energy is from Solar Effect which is free of cost.

Does not pollute the environment

Can be installed in remote areas like Coastal and Mountain areas.

Cost of operation to generate power is low.

Negative Factors for Wind Energy generation

Power source is not constant due to the variations of the wind

Energy source is limited to deliver high quantities of electrical power

Equipment design to make Wind power turbines is very complex

Wind generation can be done only in very limited areas


Some Theoretical aspects on Wind Energy Generation

The Power that can be obtained to drive a wind turbine is

-directly proportional to the density of the wind acting on the fans

-directly proportional to the area of the wind stream

-proportional to wind velocity


The power that can be obtained from Wind is proportional to the cubic power [3rd power] of the wind velocity.

The velocity of wind near ground levels are low and increase with the height, Heights above 50 meters are suitable for installing wind turbines and tall towers are used to obtain this altitude to mount wind turbines in majority of installations. Normally the density of air at 15 c is about 1.2 kg/sq. mt

Several types of Wind Turbine Units are being used around the world and the Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine [HAWT] are the most popular.

Here you will come across some details of HAWT units and photos of a HAWT Wind Farm consisting of 25 Wind Towers installed at Putlam,Sri Lanka.



Wind Farm in pictures.

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