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Assemble your own Portable Power Analyzer Unit at a Low Cost


Introduction to the project background.

It is no doubt that every Electrical Technician or an Engineer would like to get himself well equipped with the latest Electrical Tools and Equipment for his scope of work. Most of them definitely will have a proper Toolkit and Meters such as a Multimeter, Clip on Ammeter or a Megger Insulation Tester to name a few.

When one is engaged in the subject of Power Quality in the Electrical subject, then only the above mentioned equipments alone will not be sufficient. What he needs will be a Handheld Power Analyzer Unit. These meters which are available gives you all the information that is needed to analyze an Electrical Installation to the completion on Power quality.

The Big question is can everyone afford to spend such a big amount [ you can easily get the prices of Handheld Power Analyzer units from the Internet ] for a Electrical metering equipment?

Of course the companies and personnel engaged in the Electrical Power field will already must have invested on such an equipment since it is a basic need for their work scope. There will be thousands of others, who would need such an equipment once in a while during his electrical installation projects. The payback time for the investment on such an advanced equipment might not be practical or attractive to him so he would not consider buying such an equipment outright.

Well, there is a solution if one is good at doing little bit of DIY type assembling or like to learn doing such things. The cost will be very much less and the unit can be made used to get analyzed reports to a PC using software and RS-485/RS-232 interface. Anyone with the practical touch for project building, will realize that it is not a difficult project. It will not be a Handheld Power Analyzer unit but can call as a Portable Power Analyzer Unit.

It is needed to stress that, this unit will be having 3 Phase, 400V Electrical Power when energized. So the Safety factor is very important or let us say " very critical" throughout. It is recommended that only persons who are competent in the Electrical Installation work should undertake a project of this nature and if proceeds, will be doing it at his own risk.

Well, Electrics is not for everybody but tens of thousands of humans are engaged in it even at this moment. Literally speaking, there is a risk in every small thing we humans engaged in. Well, the important aspect is that one should realize, that there is a risk factor and we have to minimize it by various means using our knowledge and experience on that particular issue. That way one can overcome the risks inherited and gain the useful dividends that can be obtained from the same source.


Before proceeding furthur, please read the "Safety First" section.

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