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Assemble your own Portable Power Analyzer Unit at a Low Cost


An idea about the layout and the material requirement.

You may be well aware that there are many good quality Panel Board mount type Power Analyzers [94mm x 94mm size]from many manufacturers. These meters have a LED or LCD Display for Electrical parameters such as Voltage, Current,Active Power,Inductive Power,Capacitive Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor [ cos pi] ,frequency and Power demand etc.

In addition to have above Electrical parameters displayed, the models with a communication port can be used to obtain all data and a graphical display of all parameters from a PC with a software package provided by the manufacturer of the Analyzer. This has to be purchased separately but one can go for a basic package which will not cost you that much. If you are enthusiased to have the Electrical parameters analyzed at a later time , it is possible by going for a unit with a so called Analyzer with a communication port. [ Will be explained separately with a working model]

The intention of the above description was to make the Panel Display type Power analyzer the Head or the main component of the project. Once that was decided, we have to make it practical to install in a mobile enclosure practical enough for our purposes. Safety of the user was a main criteria on deciding the enclosure type. For this purpose, a Metal Powder coated 300(H) x 250(W) x 125(D) mm [IP 54 / IEC 529 standard]enclosure was fabricated by a Panel board manufacturer (with required opening for the 94x94 Analyzer as well as for RS-232/RS-485 Intelligent Converter and field wire connecting sockets)

The author had done his installation projects on PF Correction Capacitor Banks etc. by using Circutor branded equipment and components. So the project description here also will be based on a Circutor branded Power Analyzer , RS-232/RS-485 Intelligent Converter and Split Core type Current Transformers. The descriptions and project details given can easily be adopted for Panel mount Power Analyzer from any other manufacturer.

The other important components are the Current Transformers. The Handheld analyzers have Clip on type Current Transformers for their units , which are the most convenient for the easy handling but the Analyzer we use need somewhat bulky Split core type Current Transformers. This is somewhat a minus point in the type of Analyzer system we are going to make [the convenience vs. cost will always be there].

The author has three sets of Split Core transformers rated at 100/5A, 500/5A and 1000/5A range but for a starter one set would be enough, which would be the most used current measuring range for him. You need three identical split type CTs [current transformers] for each range to connect to L1,L2 and L3 Phases.

Now we come to the most important thing. That is the Wiring part of the internal unit and the field wiring part [with removeable cable links for Voltage [3 Phases and Neutral] ,CT secondary signal lines, Earth connection and Control Suply for the Portable analyzer Unit.These field wires needs to be stacked away when not in use and a simple male /female adaptor system is required for this purpose. The female adopters need to be fixed to the enclosure which houses the Analyzer unit.

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