Electrolesk A Guide to Practical Electrical Installation Work.

Introducing the Subject.

Electrical Switchgear

What is meant by an Electrical Installation ?

An electrical installation can be simply described as a system consisting of electrical components such as conductors and switchgear to work electrical equipment to fulfill a specific purpose, safely.

Examples for electrical installations are numerous around you.

The Electrical system of your house, the plant room of a swimming pool, a factory with few or many electrical equipment, a workshop with machinery, the services of a multi storied building consisting of Electrical equipment- all these can be cited for electrical installations.

The root of generating Electricity for various requirements of the mankind today is numerous. Major methods of Electrical Power Generation are Thermal, Hydropower, Nuclear ,Solar and Wind Power.

The generated power is distributed through an Electrical Distribution system.

The Power Utility Companies or government Power Utility Institutes take the responsibility of bringing the Electrical Power to the Consumer.A Consumer can be a large Production Industry or a basic Home of a person.

The Consumer’s requirements vary greatly according to his electrical power requirements or the useage of Electricity.

Electrical Installations are needed for the Consumer to use Electricity for his requirements such as Lighting, Heating and Air Conditioning , running all types of Electrical Equipment , to name a few.

All of us at one time or another, needs the services of Electrical Installers to attend to either new installation work or to maintain existing electrical installations.

It is for the above , that we intend to address here and to gather practical methods and ways for implementation to improve the knowhow on the subject.

Since the Electrical Engineering field is a vast subject, it will be a difficult task to putup all information at one site.

There are thousands of articles on the subject scattered in the world wide web but it is not streamlined. Due to this it is difficult for a person who do not have previous exposure to the subject to gather the information regarding the subject easily and methodically.

To overcome this, this web site will try to make the subject catogary identified, so the reader can expand his knowledge by searching the key words found in these articles to obtain more information through numerous articles found in other web sites.

Author hopes to add new articles to the site so that with time, a collection of information on the subject can be accumulated. The language used in articles are not highly Technical but is based on an easy to understand manner.

An attractive feature of this site will be Free Downloads of Electrical Formula Solver Programs. You can solve Electrical Power, Apparent Power ,Reactive Power or Power Factor Components of Single Phase and Three phase Circuits using these programs. Electron Charge Velocity Formula Solver program and Ohms Law Calculator can be downloaded now.

Practical Electrical Installation section now consists of DIY Wiring projects for Lighting Point and Socket outlet installation instructions for 5A,15A,13A and Industrial Socket outlets.

Due to different methods in use worldwide on Electrical Codes and Practices, the Installation Practices will be different from one country to other. Since the Author has gained his experience in British Standard enviorenment, most of the subject matter will reflex IEE based Installation procedures and practice.



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